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Helloo georgeous ladies and charming gents.
I am Ratish Naroor. hail from a unique diverse piece of land, Incredible India. To be more specific from the extreme southern state of it…And thats reknowed as the Gods own country ,Kerala.Well…Now located in Utah.
To introduce myself before you am just gonna say wat am i in brief.
Am a single ,simple , homely, confident person who is really interested making friends,social networking ,computers and soo passionate about travelling and making the best of out my cam eyes..An ardent fan of classy rythms too… Driving and gadgets are my other interests besides all these.. when i don’t do all that am trying to prosper a private firm by developing softwares for them..

My Life until i finished my first degree was left unnoticed by myself.I thought am an normal bloke among the folk and guys around me..but i had an inexplicable passion to computers and related areas..Still i had to struggle to make myself get through all my so called brain teasing theories and assessments…However , i managed myself to get all that done and ended up in a software engineer job.. in between all these years, i gotta radiant collection of pals which i treasure even now.
It was when i joined Philips leaving my first job at fugro, i remember going through a blog of Kalyan Varma who was a wild life photographer. That guy literally pulled me into photography…The passion in me woke up…. i started clicking with a cam which my brother gave me..it was then, only then i started noticing my talents, myself and people around me did the same thing.. it went on to a stage until i could post my pictures to public all over the world through my own blogs.
All that shots are just a click away.Give it a go.
And feel free to comment it.

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  1. vasanth

    Hello Ratish,

    We ,students of IIT Hyderabad are very much interested in having Raju narayan Swamy to grace our stage.
    Could you help me in this regard.
    Thank you,

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