Read what Arvind Kejriwal’s IIT classmate says about him


I know Arvind since our IIT Days. Since I know the man like the back of my hand, it really pains me in reading all these misinformed opinions of him. He is one of the most intelligent & knowledgeable persons I have come across in my life & definitely the most selfless & honest.

On those IIT Days also, while we all were thinking about our career & thinking of leaving India at
the 1st opportunity, he was hell bent on doing something to change the face of India. He was a big fan of V.P. Singh those days & was very inspired with his honesty (bofors) & efforts to achieve social justice (mandal commission). He was almost a non-believer & hated BJP for the mandir movement. Whoever is accusing him to be a RSS/BJP agent has no idea what he/she is talking about.

Those doubting his honesty/integrity should be informed that he was Joint Commissioner, Income Tax Dept in Delhi when he resigned from IRS. By conservative estimates, officer of this rank in Delhi/Mumbai makes atleast Rs. 1 crore per month from external sources (you can make out what these external sources can be).

How many of us can dedicate our life to the nation when such a lucrative career is infront of us? I am making USD 125000/month here & he was 10 times brighter than me.

I appeal to all Indians (irrespective of caste/religion) to not let go of this chance to reclaim our country from these corrupt politicians. It is because of our “Chalta Hai” & “Dont Care” attitude that things have come to this.

And lastly, if you can’t do anything for the country, at least please don’t accuse Kejriwal of being communal/arrogant/dishonest without checking the facts. We all batchmates (belonging to various castes/ religions) believe that if India can elect 100 leaders like Kejriwal to the Parliament, the country will be counted among the best in 10 years time.

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Disclaimer: This a facebook share that I am sharing on my personal blog. I am not Aravind’s classmate but the above information was shared by one of his IIT classmates showing his support to Aravind. I am really not sure about the authenticity of the article (as it was a facebook share) but still believe in Aravind’s triumph.

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8 thoughts on “Read what Arvind Kejriwal’s IIT classmate says about him

  1. Dheeraj

    With all due respect to AK, the way he speaks against other parties is a sure sign of arrogance. His arrogance sometimes reminds me of Congress spokespersons. AK should remember that BJP/Congress are not only his political opponents but he will require their co-operation for the smooth functioning of the govt. Delhi is a complex city to manage and to manage it efficiently he will have to seek co-operation from opposition and the central govt. He may have hatred towards BJP/Congress but he should better keep him with himself. In politics, you are expected to give respect to your opponents as well.

  2. Rajesh

    V P Singh was the worst Prime Minister of India. He betrayed everybody. Intelligence and money are not proportionate. I know many businessmen who are not intelligent or educated but are very rich due to many reasons. Arvind never imagined that the will be asked to form Government and have to face the tough task of implementing his own premises. He is trapped in his own principals or the lack of them. God save him in 2014

  3. Bimal

    Longtime ago I movie called Nayak was released in india and it gave a glimpse what an honest AK (Anil Kapoor) can do in a day. Now probably the greatest son of India another AK ( Ravinder Kejriwal) has at least 60 days surely he can shut the mouth of skeptics.
    Also in childhood I heard the stories based on the predictions of Nastredamus and one of which was that one day India will become super power in the world and till late i never thought that it will ever happen but now….. I know deep down my heart that Nastredamus was not wrong. The journey to superdom has begun. Now sawaraj Hamada hai…aur use hum le ke rahenge… aap aage badho aapke critics bhee aapke saath honge… Now no stopping AAP

  4. Abhay

    AK is thinking that system can be change in one day we all voted for him there is hope behind that .He promised us that 50 % reduction in electricity /water etc . He has never- ever talk about employment regeneration in Delhi NCR Infrastructure improvement in Delhi there are lots to be done, in his election agenda they are planing to open schools but where is the space in Delhi ?? he is planing to house for every jhuggee guy where is the space in Delhi ?

    Please understand Delhi id capital of India , a city which has everything he need to build the city like model for other state.

  5. Abhi

    For whatever reason, AAP has proved beyond doubt that the general public is frustrated with the filth in the system and the arrogance of the elite leaders. Numerous examples can be observed in UP, Karnataka, 2G scam, Swiss bank account holdings, etc. AK came in at a moment when we wanted action over inaction.

    Instead of criticising AK or glorifying him, why not grab this opportunity to clean the filth. Please note that this movement is not about AK or his views, this is about our Nation, Freedom and true democracy.

  6. Manisha

    This is exactly what he speaks about himself.
    I don’t think this is right time to comment about him. We have to wait and see how much he deliver.

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