Bryce Canyon and Zion National Park visit – Utah

Bryce canyon National Park Zion  Canyon National park

I don’t know why I procrastinated writing many of the interesting items that happened around me and new adventures happening in my life in the past two months.May be bad mood or I was in my own world. Anyways now over-coming all those factors I am scribbling about something I was dong in the past two month .The Bryce canyon and the Zion National park trip was the one of those that I missed .
I was fed up with no trips for sometime and thinking of going somewhere before the winter starts in Utah.So the only place near to me was the Bryce canyon national Park and Zion national park. And I had only my then room mate Madan , with me to team up for the trip .So we started off renting a car to the famous national parks in Utah state .Bryce Canyon was great place to be, where you can see some nature designs formed of tough soil , sculptured in certain patterns.

The funniest part of the trip was the place we stayed the night .Madan Veerapalli booked a queen’s bed for us through and we were trying to find the hotel amidst the national park boundaries.Managed to find the place but we were astonished to find that they only had ‘TIPIS’ , which are tents used by the ancient red Indians (of USA) long time back.But it was real fun staying the night in the witch-hat shaped tent .The next day morning was really cold as it rained in the night.Also some leakages brought me out of my sleep wondering whats happening . Tipis - in Bryce Canyon National park

In the morning I got a chance to shoot some good fast shots of the humming bird which flies very fast .I was lucky there to practice some fast shutter shots in the new digital SLR.

Humming Birds drinking honey- Zion  Canyon National park HummingBird - in Zion Canyon National park
One of the great things happened in the trip was meeting some wildlife on the roads .It was totally unexpected on a weekend when the crowd and noise are high .I had to put a sudden break when driving and reverse the car to park on the sideways.I grabbed the camera and started running towards the family of deers.They were not much frightened by my approach and I got some cool closeup pictures of the group.As a whole we had a nice time and some new experiences .

Deer group- Zion  Canyon National park

The whole set of pictures can be viewed here .
Bryce Canyon National Park
Zion National Park

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