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Seamlessweb Team outing at Soldier hollow for tubing

Seamlessweb Team outing at Soldier hollow tubing It was fun.The whole development team at my office , Seamlessweb decided to go to soldier hollow for tubing.I have never done tubing till now and I was really excited to experience sledding for the first time.We headed to Soldier hollow at around 11 am and reached there by 11 45 after a 45 miles drive from Draper city.Soldier Hollow was full packed by Snow and I have never been outside in this much snow till now.I had a great time experimenting tubing with my fun colleagues and taking some pictures .I love my company .The pictures can be viewed here.

Jiya Se Jiya from AR Rahman

I love when A R Rehman comes up with great singles.And here it is again after “Pray for my brother”.This album is called “Connections” and has the title song “Jiya se Jiya”.I really loved the beats of Sivamani and the video is well made .The song has some great folk song beats that gives the song a punjabi touch.Also at times A R Rehman has used the typical Scotland pipes that you can here in Scotland music.I think that also made me love this song so fast.Anyways enjoy the video and the song .

After doing the research on the new album ” Connections ” , I came to know that its a first of the kind release where Nokia and A R Rahman is releasing the 7 songs of that album in all the new Nokia Express edition mobile phones.The phones are scheduled to be released In January 2009 with the songs preloaded with it .

Jiya Se Jiya A R Rehman (Connections) Youtube Link

Bryce Canyon and Zion National Park visit – Utah

Bryce canyon National Park Zion  Canyon National park

I don’t know why I procrastinated writing many of the interesting items that happened around me and new adventures happening in my life in the past two months.May be bad mood or I was in my own world. Anyways now over-coming all those factors I am scribbling about something I was dong in the past two month .The Bryce canyon and the Zion National park trip was the one of those that I missed .
I was fed up with no trips for sometime and thinking of going somewhere before the winter starts in Utah.So the only place near to me was the Bryce canyon national Park and Zion national park. And I had only my then room mate Madan , with me to team up for the trip .So we started off renting a car to the famous national parks in Utah state .Bryce Canyon was great place to be, where you can see some nature designs formed of tough soil , sculptured in certain patterns.

The funniest part of the trip was the place we stayed the night .Madan Veerapalli booked a queen’s bed for us through and we were trying to find the hotel amidst the national park boundaries.Managed to find the place but we were astonished to find that they only had ‘TIPIS’ , which are tents used by the ancient red Indians (of USA) long time back.But it was real fun staying the night in the witch-hat shaped tent .The next day morning was really cold as it rained in the night.Also some leakages brought me out of my sleep wondering whats happening . Tipis - in Bryce Canyon National park

In the morning I got a chance to shoot some good fast shots of the humming bird which flies very fast .I was lucky there to practice some fast shutter shots in the new digital SLR.

Humming Birds drinking honey- Zion  Canyon National park HummingBird - in Zion Canyon National park
One of the great things happened in the trip was meeting some wildlife on the roads .It was totally unexpected on a weekend when the crowd and noise are high .I had to put a sudden break when driving and reverse the car to park on the sideways.I grabbed the camera and started running towards the family of deers.They were not much frightened by my approach and I got some cool closeup pictures of the group.As a whole we had a nice time and some new experiences .

Deer group- Zion  Canyon National park

The whole set of pictures can be viewed here .
Bryce Canyon National Park
Zion National Park

Moab – the city of arches

The delicate arches of Moab
Its a privilege to get a driving license in USA and I recently got one. That made my plan much easier to go out this week end.To add more thrill to this trip One of my old companions who has the same passion for photography flew from San Fransisco and joined me.That gave me a change from usual activities of swimming or playing racquet ball.
A cool night drive was planned to Moab,so I just wanted to make use of the day light to click something unusual than usual.Salt lake city got many hilarious places that could feast my new canon eyes.One of them was a Copper mine named Bingham Copper mine, a real man-made trench which is seen from space with your naked eye.Obviously the first place goes for The Great wall of China. The mine was spectacular and the digging is still being done which started approximately in the last century.The next point of interest for us was a resort which I couldn’t miss visiting.
The little wood canyon has a ski resort,interestingly it was open in summer too.My idea was to see the whole resort from the top,so i had a adventurous tram ride to the extreme top of it along with Mahesh,feasting my eyes and my camera as well.
It was almost the end of the day.
We had to start for the other preplanned destiny when Madhan too joined us after his work.The moon light was not enough to enjoy the scenic beauty of the way,so we comforted ourselves with the views on way back in day light.when it was almost one in the morning we hit the place.Being tired after the journey we had a nap after planning to see the sunrise in the mountains.

Canyon Land National park After a refreshment, we started again to see the early rays of the day,towards the canyon land national park(Mesa arches).To see the crimson rays of sunset we decided to hit Delicate arches National park and spend time there specially in my favorite place,Delicate Arches Arches.Its really huge with lots of visitors and could take maximum pictures from there.I was lucky enough to see the Arch of Utah,which is vulnerable to wind and may hit the earth anytime.As my neighbors already reminded me that,I dint even mind hiking two miles after parking to see this wonderful natural monument.The sun set was too beautiful and was happy to be a part of it..
One more day came to an end,a day worth remembering forever,so we planned to camp somewhere with refreshing the sites enjoyed, we were lucky enough to set up a Tent in a good location,enjoying the faded view of mountains in the moon light.It was my first experience to sleep in a tent.
The trip was absolutely thrilling and enjoyable, I should thank my friend who accompanied me for the trip and the move to US is really worth it.
Moab Camping

The Photo gallery links are as follows :
Utah Bingham Copper mine
Canyonland National park
Mesa Arches
Moab Delicate Arches
Moab Camping

Utah Scottish Festival 2008

Utah Scottish Festival 2008

Everytime I read about the forthcoming events in Utah, I have seen the Utah Scottish festival pretty famous in the lists.It made me remember the days when I use to hear the touching music from the movie ‘Braveheart’, which portraits the Scottish history.The Utah Scottish Festival 2008 was held on June 13 and June 14 2008 and I was pretty much ready to attend.
It was a nice to see how the general public here and the Scottish Americans were enjoying the event.My favorite part was the Scottish music played by various bands who came from various parts of America to be part of this awesome event.’Molly’s Revenge’ was my favorite band and ‘Wicked Tinkers’ also took the crowd in their hands with their melodious tones and got the chance to get their cds autographed by the talented performers itself .The combining music from the instruments like the bagpipes,fiddle ,Tin Whistles started make me love towards this style of playing and of course made me a fan of this country music.
Special Thanks to Vamsee Koneru for having the same interests in the festival as I had and sharing her camera.This was the first time I played a lot with a professional SLR camera and also gave me hints that its high time for replacing my SLR-like camera(Canon S3 IS).
The picture taken can be viewed here .

The Kite Runner

The kite runner - Ratish Naroor

It’s a movie recommendation again from my side. Got some time on the weekend to watch a movie ,The Kite runner .Its a movie based on the novel ‘The Kite runner’ by the afghan author Khaled Hosseini .An amazing touching movie from Dreamworks which shows friendship and bondage .I really love the movies about human beings and the way our mind and heart make you a prove a better person . I recommend this movie to every one of you and am sure it’s worth the time.It also shows how the Taliban regime in Afghanistan has ruined the land with their harsh fundamentalist version of Islamic justice. It made to go back again to the national geographic documentary about Afghanistan which I watched recently.
Also Thank you Lakshmy Pillai , my friend in UK who has done it again in recommending a beautiful movie.

For more details on the movie,

Official website

Apple iphone 3G is here

Iphone 3g launched / reviews

After a long wait the iPhone 3g was launched in the market hours ago.I was much concerned about the reviews that it will have but was unhappy the way Yahoo news reported flaws in the iPhone software(Why did I read it at first hand ???).That was not expected but I came to know that it was not a software issue but the itunes server issue.The fans had to wait for long to be connected to the server which made some guys sad.I don’t know why Yahoo is acting like Microsoft and not admiring innovation .
Anyways got to read some wonderful reviews and have decided to go for it soon ….

Read the latest reviews here

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