It was a sudden decision to go somewhere for the week end .My friend R S Radhish and myself was planning for some days where to go .At last the place was decided as Coorg. We started in his car and one of his friend Pavithra also showed interest to join us .He is basically from Coorg so we decided to stay in his place .
We started at 7 pm from Bangalore .The drive was simply superb .Once we entered the Mysore road heavy rain started pouring in .Had good south Indian meals from kamat hotel on the way. We reached medikeri at about 3 am in the morning mainly due to the fact we took lots of breaks in between. Took some snaps near the bus stand and on the ways when fog started seeing on the way.

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Was really late and tired when we reached pavi’s house .But had a nice sleep .The temperature was really cool at night. In the morning we started to visit the near by places like swimming in the lake, visited a local temple almost 10 kms from the road .That day we decided to stay in his uncles coffee estate .Its almost 15 acres of coffee estate with a small house in middle. It was really nice to be away from the crowded city life. The family was just a middle class family with only the basic necessary amenities in the house with no electricity connection to the house. I just got a feeling how different it is to stay in a house no electricity and without much modern amenities. I was really happy that I got a chance to stay with them for one day. I really felt the joy in their face that they were very happy to treat me with whatever they had. I don’t think whether I will get a day like that in future.
The last was full sight seeing .We visited Raja’s seat, the golden temple and the museum .Reached back safely at night 8 pm. Some of the snaps are uploaded here.
Naroor Rathish's Personal blog

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