The family get-together

It was a big family get-together after a long time .My brother got married on Nov 3rd to Swetha madhavan .The Marriage was held at thalacherry.Almost all the relatives and our old family friends turned up for the marriage .
He came from US on Oct 28th and the funny part was that we had the official ‘Pennukaanal’ (Seeing the girl) on oct 29th (5 days before marriage).That was the first time my brother saw the girl (in real) after 6 months of their enagagement(We conducted that without his presence).
Anyway it was a quiet ceremony and I am happy for being a part of that nice meeting .

Naroor Rathish's Personal Blog
The marriage pics can be viewed here .

The reception was held at Trivandrum on Nov 17th with almost 300 friends turning up .That was also a nice time to meet old friends .

Naroor Rathish's Personal Blog
The reception pics can be viewed here .

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