Gandhi movie first ever rare video 1931

The video was shot on April 30th 1931, when moving pictures were so new and uncommon. As said in the video, Mahatma was not much interested in getting photographed or being filmed. Also the interviewer was told that mahatma has a feeble voice and will be difficult to capture in his camera. Gandhi gave this interview to Fox Movietone News and also met the peasants of Bardoli. This precious clipping is from the archives of Fox News Movietone.

Some of the questions asked in the interview were :

  • What ware the next steps if England does not agree to your demands ?
  • If India wins its independence will you work on abolishing child marriages?
  • Will England give India full selg-governance authority?
  • For the next round-table discussion, Will you go in Indian dress or an european dress ? (I can’t still understand the reasoning behind this question – interesting journalism)
  • If england is not ready to agree to your demands, are you prepared to return to the Jail ?

Also watch the full movie “Ghandi” below :¬†Gandhi is a 1982 epic biographical film which dramatises the life of Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi, the leader of India’s non-violent, non-cooperative independence movement against the United Kingdom’s rule of the country during the 20th century. Gandhi was a collaboration of British and Indian production companiesand was written by John Briley and produced and directed by Richard Attenborough. It stars Ben Kingsley in the titular role.

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