GridLayout VS FlowLayout

I was very confused with a strange thing happening to my ASP.NET application long time back .The issue was when I was taking the web form in design View ,the HTML code gets updated with some new style definitions .I thought it was a bug in the application or with the VS 2003 .Today i got the solution for that .It was because of the leyout I specified for that web form ( Grid Layout ).Will explain it in more detail. provides two types of layout style for a webform.We specify thsi in the body tag.Layout the way to position the controls in the web form.The layouts are ::
  • Grid Layout
  • Flow Layout

The Grid Layout is used for placing the controls exactly in the place where you place it and they have absolute positions on the web form.We Should make use of that when the controls are not mixed up with the text in the web form .Also Visual Studio adds up new style attributes to each control to set the position of the control.

The Flow Layout helps in positioning the controls relative to other element on the page .It recommended to use this layout where the text and controls are intermingled in the web page.

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