The kemmanagundi hill top

Radhish does it again .On Friday night when I was working at office , I got his call saying he didn’t get the tickets for going to his native calicut and asking me whether we can go for a trip tonight .I was confused whether to make a plan like this ,At last I came up with a plan to visit chikmagalur .
We started late night driving towards chikmagalur. I managed to get some maps and details on the place we are going to visit. The drive was great .Nobody slept that much but when it was almost 4 am I started feeling sleepy. Slept for some time and when I got up we had reached chikmagalur. Had a black tea and then started of to see the wonderful kemmanagundi hills .The roads started to become bad from there but driving between the forest was nice .Got chance to see some hybrid monkeys , I think Langurs , but none gave me a pose to take a snap.
We got a place to get refreshed, the horticulture guest house .It started raining in the afternoon when we reached there but that gave us some time to take rest after so much driving . We planned to cut short the trip to one day , so had to plan accordingly which places to visit. At last decided to trek the hills and visit the Kallathigiri waterfalls .Due to lack of time we had to miss the famous hebbe falls .
The trek was really nice.It was not that steep so was easy to climb the hills. Reaching the top of the hill was the best part where you will have view of the whole area. The wind was really blowing at us with good speed. Got a chance to shoot some nice snaps .The hill top was worth visiting .After trekking back we started off to the waterfalls. It was a small falls with a temple near it .Lots of tourist also hangout at this point .The temple visit made our trip a religious one too.
The drive back was a bit hectic for me due to lack of sleep. But radhish and myself exchanged the driver seat to make up the whole distance .
Some of the snaps can be viewed here .

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