The Kite Runner

The kite runner - Ratish Naroor

It’s a movie recommendation again from my side. Got some time on the weekend to watch a movie ,The Kite runner .Its a movie based on the novel ‘The Kite runner’ by the afghan author Khaled Hosseini .An amazing touching movie from Dreamworks which shows friendship and bondage .I really love the movies about human beings and the way our mind and heart make you a prove a better person . I recommend this movie to every one of you and am sure it’s worth the time.It also shows how the Taliban regime in Afghanistan has ruined the land with their harsh fundamentalist version of Islamic justice. It made to go back again to the national geographic documentary about Afghanistan which I watched recently.
Also Thank you Lakshmy Pillai , my friend in UK who has done it again in recommending a beautiful movie.

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  1. (Sunil Prasad M)

    Ya ! The movie is good, but I felt that the book was much better .. Try and read it when you find time …

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