Last trip in 2006

I was not having any plans for the Christmas vacation. That too Philips was having annual shutdown of 1 week. We started planning again for a small trip and at last Sunil , Vikram and myself planned for a north Kerala trip and also one day for covering Mangalore in Vikram’s Honda City .Souri Rajan also decided to join the trip which started on Dec 26th evening .
We planned for Mysore on 26th night .The drive was smooth and the road was cool. We took a hotel in the heart of the Mysore city and started with dining at a very good restaurant near by. We started to Chamundi hills at about 11 45 pm .The view on top of the hills was awesome. Missed having taking a tripod stand for the camera but I managed to take some snaps .The whole city was glittering with street lights in which the palace can be easily distinguished.
Naroor Rathish's
Next day morning we started towards Bandipur forest, on the way to Wayanad.We reached at noon in Wayanad and had to drop the plan to visit ‘Edakkal caves’ as we have to trek a bit. Souri has to be blamed there.
We stayed in Calicut the same night and headed to Kannur in the morning. We drove to the Muzhapilangad Beach near Thalasherry. It was a nice drive there.
Then it was a direct drive to my place Payyanur .We had tea from my uncle’s house and left to Mangalore .We missed many sight seeing places in between mainly because of the traffic and processions we found on the way. My friends really got a picture of what happens in Kerala and how it is driving in the city.
One of the best part of the trip was Mangalore. We visited Belur and Halebeedu. Got a chance to shoot some good snaps of architectural sculptures and temples over there.
Naroor Rathish's
Some of the snaps of the trip can be viewed here .

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