Life going on ….

Life came to a stand still for me in the past three weeks and I really felt the difficulty when you are in a house arrest like that. I reached my native place Payyanur on 12th February for a 3 weeks stay, with lots of plans, but it was Chicken Pox written for me. I had never had this disease and now I know how difficult it is when the virus is in you. Due to some cross-reactions with a medicine that I took, I got my lips and mouth seriously wounded with ulcers. With not able to eat anything properly and bleeding all the time I really had the worst time in my life. I got lots of free time to watch some interesting movies that I downloaded when I was in Mumbai and I would like to recommend a list so that you can also watch if you get a chance to.

The Bucket List
The kingdom

With lots of new things happening in my life I am moving ahead with full confidence and hoping for the best.

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