Moab – the city of arches

The delicate arches of Moab
Its a privilege to get a driving license in USA and I recently got one. That made my plan much easier to go out this week end.To add more thrill to this trip One of my old companions who has the same passion for photography flew from San Fransisco and joined me.That gave me a change from usual activities of swimming or playing racquet ball.
A cool night drive was planned to Moab,so I just wanted to make use of the day light to click something unusual than usual.Salt lake city got many hilarious places that could feast my new canon eyes.One of them was a Copper mine named Bingham Copper mine, a real man-made trench which is seen from space with your naked eye.Obviously the first place goes for The Great wall of China. The mine was spectacular and the digging is still being done which started approximately in the last century.The next point of interest for us was a resort which I couldn’t miss visiting.
The little wood canyon has a ski resort,interestingly it was open in summer too.My idea was to see the whole resort from the top,so i had a adventurous tram ride to the extreme top of it along with Mahesh,feasting my eyes and my camera as well.
It was almost the end of the day.
We had to start for the other preplanned destiny when Madhan too joined us after his work.The moon light was not enough to enjoy the scenic beauty of the way,so we comforted ourselves with the views on way back in day light.when it was almost one in the morning we hit the place.Being tired after the journey we had a nap after planning to see the sunrise in the mountains.

Canyon Land National park After a refreshment, we started again to see the early rays of the day,towards the canyon land national park(Mesa arches).To see the crimson rays of sunset we decided to hit Delicate arches National park and spend time there specially in my favorite place,Delicate Arches Arches.Its really huge with lots of visitors and could take maximum pictures from there.I was lucky enough to see the Arch of Utah,which is vulnerable to wind and may hit the earth anytime.As my neighbors already reminded me that,I dint even mind hiking two miles after parking to see this wonderful natural monument.The sun set was too beautiful and was happy to be a part of it..
One more day came to an end,a day worth remembering forever,so we planned to camp somewhere with refreshing the sites enjoyed, we were lucky enough to set up a Tent in a good location,enjoying the faded view of mountains in the moon light.It was my first experience to sleep in a tent.
The trip was absolutely thrilling and enjoyable, I should thank my friend who accompanied me for the trip and the move to US is really worth it.
Moab Camping

The Photo gallery links are as follows :
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Moab Delicate Arches
Moab Camping

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    Hey nice man.good snaps. looks like u have a got a good friend for photography also!! Great

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