My personal blog is back

Here’s my personal blog back again on the internet with a new design and layout, bringing it under my personal domain . It was hard for me to find extra time to re-design all my three blogs under wordpress platform .I would say WordPress was fun to work with . It took me very less time to master the tricks in designing a blog from the scratch . I would be adding an article on “how to create a blog in wordpress “ in my SEO blog at .Do check for updates soon .

So what am I going to scribble in my personal blog? It will be mostly my travelogues, various personal experiences and my life in words & pictures. Lot of things are happening in my life recently and I felt I should share all those small experiments in my life . Also I would try to cover some of my recent trips that I did which were part of my Photo expeditions.

Ratish Naroor Personal Blog

I got some good response for my re-designed photo blog at . WordPress has lot of options to tweak and present my best shots in a neat  and better way .Also the wordpress’s SEO plugins helped me a lot in  placing me on top of the search results for most of the searches related with my name .

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