Nandi Hills revisited

I was a bit unhappy when I had to cancel my trek to sakleshpur with my friend Vipin Madhummal to came to Bangalore for the trip .Its always safe to go for treks with more number of people and avoid risks in any sense.
So I started planning again to think where I can take him now. And at last the only option was to go to Nandi hills in my bike .This time I decided to leave my place a bit late and spend some time in the evening there on top of the hills.
Naroor Rathish's Personal Blog
On the way to the hills we got a chance to visit a grapes farm .We bought some and the seller had a nice heart to take us inside the farm and show us the whole farm.
Naroor Rathish's Personal Blog
The best part of the trip was being on top of the hills in the evening. It was really a superb view from top . The sky was really like burning at that time. Climate also became a bit cold. Also I got a chance to take some beautiful nature snaps. Anyway I was happy that Madhu had a nice time visiting Bangalore.
Some of the snaps can be viewed here .

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