The REAL trek – Karnala Fort

Its been sometime I went for a trek .My friend Sriram Sreenivasan and myself decided to trek towards the Karnala Fort .We started at 9 am from Nerul station towards Panvel .From panvel , its about 11 kms to reach the entrance of Karnala Bird Sanctuary .The journey was awesome because first time I was traveling in “TUM TUM”.Its a bit bigger auto rickshaw but I was enjoying the drive .After reaching there we took the tickets for the entry and started the trek .The starting itself was a bit tedious for me .Its been sometime that I have gone for a steep walking like we had today .But I did it at last . We took lots of breaks in between and made a slow move to the top .After some steep and bad route we reached to a clear plane land on top where the grass have grown a bit because of the good rains . The fort was really huge and I was wondering it would have been difficult for Shivaji the great for constructing a fort on top like this .Got a chance to take some wonderful snaps and that can be viewed here .

2 thoughts on “The REAL trek – Karnala Fort

  1. (Digitally Inspired)

    Pictures are awesome man…. some of them even are far more than that….I hate them because of the reality it makes…hehe….can’t bear seeing it anymore..

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