Sedona and the Grand Canyon

I was much waiting for an outing near Phoenix, Arizona and we got a reason to go. Rajeev’s neighbors (Old neighbors in Nevada, Las Vegas) Anil and his family ( Soham ,the elder and Anirudh ) were visiting us in Phoenix .We made a plan to Visit the Grand Canyon visiting Sedona first on the way.
We rented a car and drove to Sedona, which has great rocky canyons. People come here mostly for biking and cycling. It was a nice drive and the climate was too good. I got a good chance to shoot some good panoramas and some cool snaps of the kids.

Personal Blog of Naroor Ratish,Sedona and Grand Canyon

We decided to stay in Flagstaff and move to Grand Canyon the next day. The night was really cold and we had a nice time. I forgot to take any woolen clothes or Jackets. Grand Canyon was really rocking . It was windy a bit but really we had a good time taking breaks at each points and shooting snaps.
Have a view of the snaps here .

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