“Sense and simplicity” Celebrating

It’s been long since I blogged .Missed writing many of my interesting trips and situations which I thought I could have shared. Anyway next time will try to avoid my bad habit of procrastination.
It was a week long celebration in Philips Bangalore .Philips completed 10 years in India and decided to mark this event by celebrating the whole week. It started with various kinds of indoor games. But the whole program was planned perfectly. All the employees were divided into groups with each team given an interesting name .Our team got the name “BEETLE” .And all the games got points. So the team getting the maximum points will be given the overall championship cup .
The whole set of games started with the Philips Quiz in which I was the team leader of our team .And we got the third prize. That started our championship account and then came other games one by one. One of the interesting ones was ‘Decorate your work place’ with the set of themes they gave .Its evident from the snaps how beautifully all decorated their workplace.
Thats my team
Our rival team

All the week long fun came to an end with the music program by Shankar Mahadevan and anchored by Javed Jafferey. Shankar Mahadevan really took the crowd in his hands .Was really tired that day because of excess dancing.
Also Philips made their employees happy with gifting each and every employee with a Philips Go Gear Mp3 player.
Thats ME
Shanker Mahadevan in full swing

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