She is a REAL Zidane fan

Today I found someone who can be called a real fan .I have seen many people saying that they are a fan of somebody but this friend of mine really made me feel that she really meant it when she says that she is Zidane fan .
Anyway thought of sharing something that happened today .On Monday after the World cup final night, I got a mail from a friend of mine who is in Mumbai .A forward mail, I guess that friend is an Italy fan, depicting a gif image showing the how Zidane head butted Matterazzi .Then many images showing the celebrations of Italy team holding the World cup .After seeing the mail I thought of sending the same mail to another friend whom I know is a fan of Zidane .
After one day, that is today I got a long reply for that mail .Not a forward mail or CC mail . A real reply mail .That mail really made me think that I have hurt a French fan .I am not a big football fan but I love cricket.
Thought of sharing some parts of the mail –

“Yes I am a Zidane fan and I am proud to be one. I am watching his matches since I was sixteen. And I can surely say that he is such a calm and cool person. I have never seen him overreacting anytime. Yes he has punched people before, but only when they have showered abuses on him. And if your in such a situation and u r a person with a spine. What will you do? Forgive the person who called the women in your family whores.If your answer is yes, I have no point to prove here.”

She is a good friend of mine and I really felt that I should not have sent a silly mail like this which will hurt somebody so much .I mailed her back at the same time that I really didn’t mean to hurt her or her favorite team France. These situations really made me think that there are some people who care and love their favorites so much. And we should never hurt knowingly or unknowingly. Anyway I have never loved my favorites so much.
Really Sorry, my friend.

One thought on “She is a REAL Zidane fan

  1. (Anonymous)

    (Cough… Cough….)

    Oru prema kathaykkulla sadhyatha kaanunnundallo mone… Aaradey ee puthiya friend… ninakku ithreykkangudu feel cheyyan…

    Avantoru boran philosophy…

    Poyi randu vari code cheyyu… alla pinne

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