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Worlds cheapest car Bajaj RE60 beats Tata Nano

India’s Bajaj Auto unveiled its first four-wheeled vehicle named RE60, making a foray into the wider market from its comfort zone of two and three-wheeled vehicles.


The RE60 will be built at Bajaj Auto’s Aurangabad plant and the launch will take place in a few months from now. The company refused to divulge the price. However, it said that the RE60 will deliver close to 40 kmpl and emit only 60g/km of CO2, making it one of the most fuel-efficient and green vehicles in the market.

The Bajaj small car RE60 is reported to be installed with liquid cooled, DTSi, four stroke, single cylinder, 200cc motor that will churn out around 20 bhp max power along with 35 kmpl mileage. Apart from that the new vehicle from Bajaj has got seating for 4 passengers including driver. The max speed limit of the passenger vehicle will be 70 kmph.

he upcoming Bajaj ultra-low car will have head-to-head competition with the India’s cheapest and smallest car, Tata Nano. There are no official words concerning to the forthcoming Bajaj ULC car, except the few core technical details. The fuel efficiency of this Bajaj car will be pretty impressive. It is claimed to offer the 30kmpl mileage. This Bajaj small car will be priced around Rs.1.8 lakh.

Mileage and Fuel Efficiency
In recent time, where the constantly increasing fuel price and inflammation has disturbed car owners, the Bajaj ULC car will be the boon for those quality and cost conscious crowd. The price sensitive Indian automotive market will easily gravitated towards the all new Bajaj small car that will offer the outstanding fuel efficiency, claimed by reliable sources. It will offer 30kmpl mileage, which is much higher than the India’s cheapest Tata Nano mileage (25 kmpl). It will perform well on urban roads as well as on highway.

Engine Capacity, Power and Performance
As mentioned earlier, the precise details & specifications of the upcoming Bajaj ultra-low cost car are still under the warp, and to be disclosed with showcase on 3rd January 2012 at the Taj Palace Hotel in New Delhi at India’s most prestigious and happening Auto Expo, where various other hybrid cars to be displayed. This car will have powerful integration of highly-efficient 800cc petrol engine that will offer impressive performance.

Pick Up and Acceleration
However, company’s officials refused to talk about the technical and other sophistication of the sensational Bajaj ULC car, still if words are to be believed, the futuristic Bajaj small car will offer a great pick-up and acceleration. It would be somewhat equivalent to the pick-up and acceleration offered by the Tata Nano.

Interiors and Features
Despite being a compact car, Bajaj small car will come with enough spacious interior. The only significant difference will be, passengers will sit a bit closer to each other. The leg room, head room and elbow room will make it a good deal. The interior built quality, comfort, rich features & upholstery will take a charge on Tata Nano’s interior.

The driver’s seating position will be comfy and offer fine outer visibility. It is good enough to accommodate a young family. We can expect the functionally efficient accessorial features including the dashboard, windshield, steering wheel, centre console, Air conditioning units with adjustable AC vents, speedometer, digital fuel meter, odometer, cup holders, power socket & buttons, power windows, soft fabric seat & door covers etc; but official confirmation is still required.

Exteriors and Features
The forthcoming Bajaj Ultra low cost car has under gone through an intensive body job. It resembles a little like Tata Nano but is still quite unique in design. The compact and well-organised designing pattern will make you fall in love with it. The attractive headlights, tail lamps, side view mirrors, curvy bumper, wheels, doors and other designing features will add the perfect proportion of the glamour and grace.

Driving and Handling
The compact Bajaj ULC car will be easy to handle with powerful suspension system. In metro cities it is more important to get from point-to-point quicker and drive in traffic. Therefore, the all new Bajaj small car has been especially designed to solve these purposes. The parking problem will be no more headache for you, as it is easy to park. It will bring you amazing experience of smooth, swift and comfy drive.

Safety Features
We can only presume that the compact Bajaj ultra-low cost car will share the same safety measurement with Tata Nano including Centre High Mount Stop Lamp, Front & Rear seat belts, Central Locking System, Laminated Windshield, Door Lock on driver & passengers side, Additional body reinforcements, Radial tubeless tyres, Booster assisted brakes, Intrusion beam and more.

This Bajaj small car will come with plenty of functional & beauty enhancing accessories like Automotive Logo Gear, Car Bras, Car Covers, Dash Covers, Floor Mats & Liners, Air Filters, Brakes & Brake and Exhaust, Mufflers & Tips.
The Bajaj ultra-low cost car is an innovative concept that has been said to be a boon in recent coming times, when common layman is suffering with the high inflammation rate and fuel price rise. The overall compact and light-weight design looks stunning.

It is easy to handle and park, even in heavy traffic roads. Its interior will bring the rich sense of lavishness with perfect comfort level. Bajaj ULC car will be available in petrol version only. The powerful 800cc engine offer great performance & fuel economy. It is claimed to offer relatively higher mileage than the Tata Nano. In conclusion, we can say that Bajaj small car will hard to ignore by the cost conscious Indian auto market.