Visited Bannerghatta

Had no plans in my mind what to do last saturday .Anyway had to go to the airport to see off dad on his way back to Trivandrum .He came on Friday for an official meeting at CDAC .After dad checked in , thought of meeting Shakthi , my new friend whom I met at the Philips Guest house who came to join Philips Blore from Philips Holland after a long 5 years work there .I called him from Indiranagar (where he stays) and came to know from him that he was in the airport itself to leave his family to Madurai .Anyway I had my breakfast from the Coffeeday nearby and waited for him .Met him and visited his new apartment and nowhere to go we decided to go to visit Bannerghatta , the national park near Bangalore .I parked my bike at his home and took his new unicorn for the drive .
It was 25 kms drive from Blore to the national park .Road was good but we were slow at the beginning asking people the route. Took my digicam and thought of taking the first snap with Shakthi at the petrol pump , to my bad luck , the cam was not working .The battery charged was drained out as I didn’t use the cam for the past 2 months .With all my dreams of taking cool photographs shattered , decided to go with my kutti camera in the mobile phone .
Reached Bannerghatta and jumped to the ticket counter for the tiger lion safari .It was 85 rupees per head on holidays which included the zoo tickets also .And the funny part was we didn’t visit the zoo after the safari .Anyway the next time I visit , I’ll try reaching there in the morning itself and cover all places .
The tiger safari was cool .They took us in enclosed swaraj mazda and it was full .and to my surprise, there were some 10-15 tigers wandering here and there in that area .The tigers were really very close that I could have touched them with my hand from the window .Got some cool snaps in mobile and thought of sharing some here .The full set is here .Have some videos too but can’t make it stream here .Will put it in my new website when its up.
After the wonderful ride of 30 mins we decided to have the lunch at 4 o clock in a restaurant near the park itself. And when we finished the lunch a perfect blend of rain and wind came .Waited for some time for the rain to stop but it didn’t stopped but was drizzling after some 30 mins .We decided to drive in the rain itself .This was my first driving experience in rain after I relocated to Bangalore .It was really cold but with well built Shakthi driving , he really resisted the cold .Reached back Bangalore soaked with water , returned back to my apartment at night directly .
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  1. (Sunil Prasad M)

    Dude…cool article. Looks like you had a good time. Next time drop by my place, I stay Near Honeywell 2. Also ask me for all the good hotels and things to do whenever you are freaking about in Bangalore man.

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