The weekend at farm house and a disaster strikes

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Last Friday my manager Rajesh Thorat suggested my team members and myself to accompany him for a visit to his farm house on the Pune-Nasik highway. We started the Saturday evening and reached the place at night. Really a quiet and huge farm house that everybody will dream of for keeping it as a second house. The electricity was not present when we reached the place but with the help of candle light he managed to show us the huge construction that he managed to build in the span of four years. The temperature at night was really cold, I think almost 13 degrees Celsius.
Getting up in the morning was really hard but I had to get up to get some sunrise pictures so had to get up .That time was the perfect to get the overall view of the farm house. My manager took us for a walk around the farm house to explain us what all he is growing there. I got a good chance to click some nice snaps in and around the farm house. We prepared some break fast together which was also a great fun.
We started off with a plan to visit some temples near by which were part of the Ashtavinayak group of temples. As we were returning after the temple visits the disaster stroked. The road was on the way to a sugar factory and the roads are fully packed with trucks fully loaded with sugar canes. As we were stuck behind a truck another truck from our back lost its breaks and directly dashed at the rear side of the vehicle. We were stuck in between the two trucks and as all were lucky enough there was no causalities. The car was badly damaged and we never expected our nice weekend will halt like this .The day went off with police station work and taking the vehicle back to the farm house. On Monday morning we started of to Mumbai early morning .
The snaps can be viewed here .

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